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Wendy Gutterson, M.S.

Founder and CEO

Strategic planner and hands-on organizer, Wendy Gutterson applies her considerable problem-solving skills to the healthcare arena. She has devoted her professional career to helping medical organizations achieve greater success by boosting strategic, operational and financial performance.


She is well versed in the day-to-day, rapidly changing challenges of today’s medical marketplace. She applies solid business practices to optimize – and operationalize – medical group productivity and growth. She understands that success requires a high-performance plan that allows medical organizations to stay current, navigate change and continue to prosper. Her bottom line: deliver high quality, high value healthcare by empowering physicians and enriching the patient care experience.


Energetic and enthusiastic, she is a team-builder and innovator. She relishes the positive growth that comes from change and challenge. Her expertise ranges from:

  • Practice assessment to identify trends and improvement opportunities

  • Revenue analysis to capture provider cost, volume assessment, capacity and projections

  • Transition strategies to manage partnership changes and introduce compensation models, electronic health records and billing systems

  • Physician management to align perspectives and expectations across the care continuum, meet regulatory compliance and improve processes


Wendy’s operational know-how springs from 20 plus years of practice leadership experience. Prior to launching Physician Management Resources, Wendy worked in large and small physician practices, as well as academic departments at Lahey Clinic, Cambridge Health Alliance and Hebrew SeniorLife.


At Hebrew SeniorLife she opened two new centers from the ground floor, working with architects; overseeing hiring practices and operating budgets; meeting Department of Public Health regulations and securing approvals; creating provider schedules; and masterminding marketing strategies. Her innate ability to select and structure just the right constellation of services achieved the unthinkable: convincing older adults to break ties with their current medical providers and join these two new practices.


At Cambridge Health Alliance she operationalized the redesign of the third year curriculum in a pilot project for Harvard Medical School that became a national model of innovation for the principle clinical experience (PCE). Instead of learning clinical subjects sequentially by department, Wendy integrated the training and retooled the infrastructure so medical students followed panels of patients as they sought treatment and navigated the healthcare system. This patient-centered approach also ensured that students fulfilled all clinical requirements and training.


Wendy earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a graduate degree in health care administration from Simmons College, Boston, where she is an honorary trustee and member of the Deans' Council.

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